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Some say that ballet is fast becoming a lost art, a glamorous and beautiful pastime. But venture further behind the leaves and the branches of modernity, and you’ll find incredible ballet cultures thriving in countries like Russia, France, United Kingdom, and even in America.

What gets people in the mood to observe and enjoy ballet, is relaxing ballet music. This art form is dance at a higher level, ever so delicate, elegant, and embracing.

Barre ballet is especially important as it's how beginners become comfortable with their balance, tone, form, and movement. This is why our music for Barre classes is something you should explore, as it sets novices at ease and allows the ballet around them to encompass their soul.

The mood that is set

Ballet is deceptively difficult. At first glance, the untrained eye will watch a man or woman, gliding on their tiptoes and see it as a novelty. However, look closer and it's incredibly challenging, to balance and move all your weight on one slender and small part of the body. Newcomers to ballet will also be taken in by this notion, so when they run into difficulty they get surprised and frustrated.

This is why our music for barre classes is so effective as the piano plays hanging notes, not too sharp and not too soft. They waft through the air, allowing your ballet students to focus on their movements, balance, and music at the same time. The tracks are not intrusive, not too intense, and or distracting. The music sets the atmosphere in the room, one of focus and patience.

Why is it so important?

Relaxing ballet music in your classroom is important for one simple reason. It allows your beginners to pace themselves. Music which is soft yet predictable, allows the mind to match movement with the music. It's kind of like running to a beat, you try to match each footstep with a beat. This is why armies use the ‘left, right, left’ marching commands. For your barre ballet students, the classical music played in our Piano Music Volume 1 has subtle changes in pitch and tempo, so they can still listen to your instructions and their bodies as they move.

Quite frankly, some students will get emotional when they get things wrong or when they injure themselves. The relaxing ballet music will help to put them at ease, soothe their nerves, and help them to emotionally recover. This is all done in the effort for them to keep trying and not give up.

Attracting new customers

Ballet is very special and that makes it rarer and rarer these days. As a ballet instructor, you’re competing with other genres of dance that are popular today, such as Hip Hop. When young boys and girls come into your class to look around with their parents, our relaxing music for barre classes will attract them to join. There’s less tension and loud beats in the air, and it's not as intimidating to hear classic piano playing in the background.

Ballet is a wonderful yet difficult form of dance. Our relaxing ballet music will put your beginners at ease, allow them to use it as a reference for their movements, and attract more young souls into your barre class. 

Relaxing Ballet Music For Barre Classes

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