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Meditation is invariably difficult to explain. It's a trip deep into your own mind and body. You’re focusing on your spirit and energy, trying to understand what they’re both telling you. It's also a way to center the mind, stop racing thoughts from clouding your judgment. It can be used when you have a mental deadlock, and you cannot see a way through a problem in your life. It can be used just to calm your nerves before a presentation at work. All manner of things is explored by meditation. But the most effective sessions will always be accompanied by relaxing music for meditation.

A beat to ride

We’re all different and mediation doesn’t mean sitting in a dark room by yourself, listening to your breathing. It can be a mental rollercoaster that you ride upon, to see how far you can go. Our relaxing music for meditation has some tracks which have a subtle beat, made from snare drums, synthetic waves, and traditional shaking instruments that use rice and beans. What this amounts to is a methodical beat, which is both predictable and easy to mentally jump onto. You can get into a rhythmic trance, by focusing on the beat and allowing yourself to be engulfed by the piano, flute, pipes, and pads that are playing in the background.

Hanging on

Meditation is not for those who expect results right away. It's truly a labor of love, one which bears its fruit, only when the individual has shown dedication to the craft. Our royalty free meditation music is great for those looking to have long meditation sessions, up to an hour or so. The hanging notes will uplift your soul, make your chest feel lighting, allowing you to breathe deeper. The lingering piano notes and pipes that slowly come down an octave as the player gently decreases their breath, gives your mind something to hang onto, and ride all the way down. Then a new note comes back up, and again, your mind can ride the note upward. This majestic flowing music naturally helps you to hold your breath for longer while not becoming filled with muscular tension.

Great for classes

When you have so many personalities in one class, it's challenging to select music that will inspire everyone. But, we have designed our music to ride the middle of the room but not be so bland and unimaginative. The instruments we utilize, such as piano, synths, and pipes, make interesting sounds, and the tracks become layered with subtle complexity as a result.

Royalty Free Meditation Music

Our royalty free meditation music abates any nerves instructors might have as the music is License Free. You won’t be harassed by third party companies pushing their copyright infringement narrative if you choose to upload your classes online. 

Meditation is something that has greatly increased thanks to the lockdown. This has made millions of people more centered and mentally balanced. Our relaxing music for meditation will play a key role in your trip to the depths of your mind.

Relaxing Music For Meditation


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