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Music is instrumental when creating a relaxing atmosphere and encouraging the body to make seamless, fluid, rhythmic movements. RMCO has carefully curated a stunning collection of royalty free Tai Chi music to induce calm and relaxation and enable you to make the most of tranquil, uplifting sessions.

The benefits of relaxing music for Tai Chi

For many of us, Tai Chi provides an escape from the stresses and strains of daily life and a pause to clear our minds, enjoy moving our bodies and gaining peace and serenity. Often, we take a break in the middle of the working day or after a hectic day of looking after children or running errands. Putting music on prepares the body and mind for Tai Chi, adding ambience and transporting individuals to a setting where they feel totally at peace.

Music used for Tai Chi can also aid the rhythmical movement of the body, complementing the actions of different body parts by providing a soundtrack that mimics and reflects natural body motion.

Featuring sounds from nature, the Tibetan singing bowl and instruments, including pianos, pipes, harps, strings and flutes, our music creates a multi-sensory experience. This helps to catapult the individual into an environment, which feels authentic. Adding our Tai Chi music can turn a living room, a garden or a community hall into a tropical oasis.

Royalty Free Tai Chi Music

Our royalty free Tai Chi music is designed to enhance the experience and to stimulate the senses in a positive way. Whether you’re a Tai Chi instructor hosting a class, you’re practising alone, or you’re running virtual classes, our relaxing music collection is the perfect accompaniment.

Relaxing Music For Tai Chi

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