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Is your Yoga liability insurance with beYogi?

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If you do not have any Yoga liability Insurance or your insurance is up for renewal, check out beYogi HERE for insurance for less than 44 cents per day!

Despite a yoga instructor's best efforts to teach safe yoga practices, injuries do happen. And they can be financially devastating without the backing of a solid insurance plan. Even if your studio covers you, it's important to have personal coverage because other employees can exhaust the studio's aggregate total.

Coverage Highlights: 

  • $3 million Annual Individual Aggregate
  • $2 million General and Professional Liability Coverage
  • $2 million Product Coverage
  • $100,000 Rental Damage Insurance
  • $25,000 Identity Theft Protection
  • $1,000 Stolen Equipment Coverage

What Makes beYogi Unique:

  • Mobile Coverage- wherever you go within the United States you are fully covered with no policy changes. 
  • Price is affordable compared to competitors 
  • Online Coverage- full coverage for online teaching (pre-recorded & live-streaming) 
  • Occurrence Form Coverage 
    • if a claim is filed against you after your policy is no longer effective you’re covered as long as the incident in question occurred while your policy was still in effect.
  • Over 60 Yoga Styles Covered (including Acro & SUP) 
  • Over 450+ Wellness Modalities Covered (That means you don’t have to get a separate liability insurance policy if you begin teaching pilates or group fitness classes)
  • Offering part time, full time, and student rates 
  • Industry specific member benefits 

Not just insurance, it’s a membership!

  • Free educational content to help you continue to learn & grow as a teacher
  • Exclusive discounts on yoga products, services, and resources
  • An Insurance Marketplace: low cost plans for heath, vision, dental, life, disability
  • Business Tools & boosters: free professional website, monthly webinars with wellness experts, downloadable check-lists & ebooks, discounts on everyday expense, and more!

FAQ's about BeYogi

Does beYogi insurance cover me internationally or if I attend a retreat outside the U.S.?

  • No, our policy covers U.S. based teachers only for individual liability. We do not offer group insurance in the U.S. or internationally.
  • If your U.S. based employer or landlord requires you to add him or her as an additional insured we offer this for $10 per addition. In doing so, you are giving that person or entity legal claim on the benefits paid under the general liability portion of your policy to the extent they suffer a loss.

Do I need insurance if I am working in a studio?

  • Many studios require their teachers to carry their own yoga instructor insurance. Even though you are working as a yoga instructor at a studio that carries liability insurance, that doesn’t mean you are protected under that policy.

Does beYogi Cover you for Online Teaching?

  • Yes, beYogi top-rated yoga teacher insurance covers you in-person, live online and with on-demand video.

How do I find the best yoga insurance for me?

  • Insurance can vary greatly from provider to provider. It is important to take the time to do some research and determine what might be the best fit for you. Deciding on a good yoga insurance policy for your needs can feel overwhelming. Follow these steps to help make the determination:
  • Compare the plan prices
  • Check to see if the modalities you practice are covered
  • Where does the coverage extend to? Only at a studio? Or does it cover you no matter where you are teaching?
  • Compare what additional benefits are offered free of charge or for a price
  • Utilize comparison grids to visually compare plans from the different companies

What is the difference between general & professional liability?

  • As a yoga teacher, it is very important to have both general liability insurance and professional liability insurance coverage. Make sure when you are looking for coverage policies that you opt for one that provides both of these. 
  • General liability insurance, often referred to as “slip and fall” insurance, covers you against any third-party claims for injury or property damage. If for instance, there is sweat or water on the floor of the studio you are teaching at and a student slips and injures themselves you are covered.
  • Professional liability insurance is a little different and sometimes referred to as “malpractice insurance”. This coverage will protect you against any third-party claims that your posture correction or instruction led to an injury. For example, if a student did not fully understand your explanations of a pose and because of that, they injured themselves.

Why Should I Carry Yoga Insurance?

  • For anyone who’s serious about a career as a yoga teacher, insurance is a given. Some may think since they work in a studio that has coverage, they should be good if an unfortunate event occurs. The fact is, even if you do have some coverage through your yoga studio, it's often a very small amount—leaving the professional alone responsible for covering any shortfalls on a given claim.
  • Carrying too-little or no insurance at all carries a great deal of personal risk for a yoga teacher. Insurance means you’re transferring the risk of having to pay for a claim yourself, back onto your insurance company. Therefore the best long-term success risk avoidance strategy in the yoga industry is to secure individual yoga insurance.
  • With the affordable plan offered by beYogi, professionals don’t have to decide between great coverage and affordable rates. Our yoga instructor insurance was purposefully built to provide stout protection for the real types of risks yoga teachers face today, and to do so at a competitive rate.

Benefits of Having Yoga Insurance

  • The liability protections and different coverages included with yoga insurance were put in place after many years of working in the yoga industry and by understanding what real protection looks like. To really create value, beYogi seeks to support yoga professionals throughout their yoga careers. That’s why our yoga teacher insurance includes both solid coverage options, as well as a great member benefits program.
  • Our yoga insurance provides discounts and early access deals from a wide array of partner organizations for goods and services our members use everyday. We also include a free, easy-to-use website that can be customized right to your brand of yoga in your area. This local presence helps you stand out in the digital landscape and when students are turning to search engines for the types of services you provide.