a quick guide on the best meditation music for optimal mindfulness

A Quick Guide on the Best Meditation Music For Optimal Mindfulness

America is facing a stress crisis. A recent study showed that 75% of Americans had experienced moderate to high stress levels in the past month.

So it's not surprising that there has been an explosion of interest in mindfulness and meditation, to combat the stresses and strains of modern life. But have you ever tried to meditate, and felt like you're doing it wrong?

it's hard to know where to start with meditation and mindfulness. Many people find it hard to relax and fend off distractions. Finding the best meditation music can help to focus the mind to achieve the best deep sleep and relaxation in a variety of settings in your daily life.

Read on to find out about the best meditation music ever, to help you achieve your personal nirvana.

How Music Can Help With Meditation and Mindfulness

The purpose of meditation and mindfulness is to train the mind to achieve a calm and stable state. Many people practice meditation and mindfulness intending to reduce stress and anxiety and increase their sense of well-being and inner peace.

But it's hard to get started! Have you ever sat down to try to meditate, and felt your mind jumping all over the place?

It sounds easy just to sit quietly, focus on your breath, and clear your mind. But your thoughts wander to your email inbox, what groceries you need to buy, and all sorts of other mental clutter.

Many practitioners call this the "monkey mind", prone to leaping around and refusing to be calmed. This is where the best meditation music can help. Music can provide a focus and allow a sense of deep calm.

Meditation Music Through the Ages

People have been using music as an aid to meditation for centuries, perhaps since the very beginning of human history. For example, Gregorian chant originated way back in the 6th century AD, to focus the mind for prayer.

Fast-forward to the 1970s and the ambient genre was born, including classic albums by Brian Eno. Eno intended his music to be both ignorable and interesting - to be tuned into, or tuned out of, as suits the listener.

Today, there's a wide range of meditation music available to suit all settings, so how do you choose? Whether it's the best deep sleep you're seeking or music to aid focus with studying, there's relaxing and calming music available to help.

The Best Meditation Music for Deep Relaxation

Listening to relaxing music has been proven to have a variety of health benefits. This includes reducing anxiety and depression, helping you to sleep better, improving focus and concentration when studying, and providing stimulation during yoga and meditation.

So here is a quick guide to the various settings where music can help you and the best meditation music to use in each situation.

The Best Meditation Music for Sleep

Listening to music before you go to sleep is a great way to improve your sleep patterns. Relaxing music with a slow rhythm can help to prepare the body for sleep, ensuring that you have the best deep sleep. It's a really easy, inexpensive, and natural way to ensure you have the most restorative sleep to improve your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Music for Studying

Many students feel very stressed, with impending deadlines looming and also worries about finances which can feel overwhelming for young people. Younger kids can also suffer from stress, due to pressure at school. Listening to music can help to reduce stress and also improve focus during long study sessions, for students of all ages.

Lots of people find it hard to concentrate in total silence and need some background music, but this mustn't be too distracting. Calming and repetitive music can be the perfect answer to this problem and meditation music fits the bill exactly.

At the Spa

Maybe you are a spa owner or beauty therapist and you want to make sure that your clients have the most relaxing experience possible while they are with you.

It's a great idea to play relaxing ambient music, maybe with some nature sound effects, while your clients have their treatments. This will help them ease into the deepest relaxation and free their minds from the stresses of modern life.

Or perhaps you just want to recreate the atmosphere of the spa at home, while you have a pampering session. Adding the best meditation music ever to this experience will certainly help it to be more relaxing and restorative, refreshing your mind for any challenges you face in your daily life.

At the Yoga Studio

Music during any type of workout session has been shown to help focus and encourage people to work out harder and for longer. It's no different with yoga. Having the right soundtrack to your workout, whether in the studio or at home, can really help you to sink into a deep state of mindfulness and full flow.

Deep Meditation Practice

Perhaps you're struggling to concentrate during your meditation practice and finding it difficult to free your mind from distractions? It's hard to stay focused when there is so much going on in life and in the world around us.

The great meditation guru, Osho, said that music and meditation are two aspects of the same phenomenon. Music adds depth to your meditation session, to help you achieve a deeper inner focus and pure mindfulness.

Integrating Music Into Your Daily Life

Do any of these settings describe you right now? Are you having trouble sleeping, or struggling to stay focused while studying? Or perhaps your yoga or meditation practice could do with an overhaul.

Integrating music into your daily life will help you to slow down, breathe, and relax, whatever the challenges you may face as you go about your busy life.

Check out our range of the very best meditation music, to help you achieve inner peace, focus, and calm in all aspects of your life.