10 Most Popular Albums By Yellow Brick Cinema

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Yellow Brick Cinema music is uplifting and relaxing music go-to for anyone out there who is in need of a little meditative healing in their life. In a world that never stops and with the insistent pressures, stresses and strains of daily life, they are here to try and take away some of that negativity.

The aim of Yellow Brick Cinema is to select relaxing sounds that enable you to feel rejuvenated and ready to get on with whatever life throws your way. They have had many influences, including the Indian Yoga techniques and various other methods from all over the globe suitable to enable meditative healing.

The name took its influence from the yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz. They see life as a journey, where if you travel well, you can go from black and white to colour. Yellow Brick Cinema started back in 2013 and was pioneered by just two open-minded people, Margie and Richard Klue, who was a world-class composer.

They started with a vision to brighten peoples lives and inject a little of peace and harmony where once there was disorder and chaos. The beautiful sounds of the music and the visual imagery that accompanies it is designed to send the listener into another world. It allows them to detach from every life. For a while, the listener will delve into a world usually only experienced by the well-versed Yogi.

We review the 10 most popular relaxing music albums by Yellow Brick Cinema

The 10 videos covered in this article:

No. 1 - 058A No. 2 - 134
No. 3 - 159   No. 4 - 429
No. 5 - 036   No. 6 - 190
No. 7 - 647   No. 8 - 933
No. 9 - 161   No. 10 - 630


1 - Yellow Brick Cinema Relaxation Meditation 058a

This 3 hour relaxation meditation video has had nearly 5 MILLION views

This is a three-hour piece suitable for deep meditation and Yoga. There is a clear Japanese influence that conjures images of Zen Buddhism practice on the green fields of Japan.

There are also hints of Tibetan and Indian music as well as music from the Shamanic traditions. It is extremely uplifting and perfect for anyone who has a few hours to spare for their practice.

2 - Yellow Brick Cinema Reiki Zen Meditation Music 134

This hour-long piece screams ‘Om’ from the off and is designed to help you open your Chakras and begin that positive healing.

You will find that you will develop that Zen mentality, calming and soothing you as you travel through the sounds. This music is designed to get your mind-body in alignment and from that feel a true sense of fulfilment.

3 - Yellow Brick Cinema Deep Sleep Music 159

This is an eight-hour-long piece that you play while you are sleeping. It cleverly uses delta wave music format, which is great for sparing you from insomnia and will even help you dream.

It is a total relaxation piece that you can use for your meditative practice as well as sleeping. It helps you on becoming one with the All.

4 - Yellow Brick Cinema Deep Sleep Music 429

This is another eight-hour piece designed to help you drift off for a good nights sleep. It is an intensely calming piece of music that can be used to help someone with insomnia.

Sleep is so important to a person’s overall well-being that this is much-needed meditation music.

5 - Yellow Brick Cinema Calming Music For Sleep 036

This hour-long piece seems to take inspiration from the gentle sound of rainfall. It is music designed to help you drift off and enter into a deep meditative state.

6 - Yellow Brick Cinema Deep Sleep Music 190

This hour-long relaxing piece is great to play in times of stress. Its uplifting ambient sounds can transform anyone into a relaxed person. It is suitable to play after a hard day at work, before work, or even if you are having problems falling asleep. It simply clears the mind of any negativity.

7 - Yellow Brick Cinema Relaxing Meditation Music 647

This six-hour masterpiece sounds as if it is straight from the Zen masters of Japan. It is a piece that can transport you far from the maddening crowd and drop you in paradise. It is designed to help you open your third eye and develop your intuition.

8 - Yellow Brick Cinema Tranquil Healing Music 933

This six-hour piece conjures up images in the mind of a peaceful forest full of life and magic. It is developed to help you achieve ultimate Zen and heal your mind-body-spirit. It is uplifting and magical in tone and really resonates from within.

9 - Yellow Brick Cinema Study & Focus Music 161

This is a three-hour-long piece that is specially created with studying in mind. It is music to help you focus and use all that brainpower you have. It does this by emitting alpha waves and helping the brain vibrate at the right frequency. It can help anyone who is about to sit an exam.

10 - Meditation, Healing Music, Relaxation Music, Chakra, Relaxing Music For Stress Relief, Relax 630

This six-hour piece offers great sounds to help relieve you of stress. It will help you cleanse your chakra and support you in opening your third eye in your meditation practice. By being relieved of stress, your intuition and natural spiritual abilities will heighten, allowing you a better and more fulfilled life.

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