the theory and science behind relaxing music

The Theory and Science Behind Relaxing Music

Relaxing music can often be a calm bit of respite when trying to navigate the busyness of daily life. However, did you know there is scientific and music theory that claims relaxing music can actually relax the mind?

This is known as the process of psychoacoustics. And it can have plenty of benefits for those that have an overactive mind or struggle to relax after a hard day.

In this article, we will explain what is psychoacoustics and how exactly does it work. Music and songs can help people with decluttering their minds.

It can also help them to access a more relaxed state. Read on to find out more.

What Is Psychoacoustics?

Music and spirituality have always been closely linked. This can be traced back in history to religious ceremonies in Eastern India and also Western Christianity. It's communicated through the methods of chanting, songs, and different musical accompaniments.

The idea for the inclusion of music and song in these religious ceremonies was to aid the body to a deeper state of relaxation. It also cleared the mind to receive well-being effects. It altered the state of the listener's consciousness and helped them to feel more open to their god's message.

This is something that was revisited and analyzed in the 1970s and 1980s by scientific researchers. The conclusion was that certain music played at a certain frequency and tempo can have relaxation and health benefits on the body.

This study, known as psychoacoustics, suggests that this type of music can promote wellness and vitality in the body. It can also aid in recovery and healing.

How Does it Work?

Psychoacoustics uses music as a kind of therapy that can have positive mental and physical effects on the body.

The rhythm and depth of the music can be used in tandem with other activities to access a deeper state of consciousness. This can help with the reparation of feeling overworked or highly stressed in daily life.

The music can be repetitive chords, drones, or natural sounds that act as a sonic mantra to the listener. It allows them to focus on the gentle rhythm and tone of the piece and gently unwind and relax as a result.

It can be played on different instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, pianos, or even harps.

The music is meant to harmonize and work at a frequency in tune with the Earth's gravitation pull and 'heartbeat'. This, in turn, can also lower a listener's heart rhythm and beats per minute as they listen, meaning they can feel calmer and more at peace.

Using Psychoacoustics at Home

If you want to use psychoacoustic music at home, it's so simple and easy to do. You can use the music in doing meditation sessions as well as yoga or pilates.

It's even something you can do on your lunch break or after work. This is also easier with a large percentage of people now working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

All you need is a comfortable environment that you can use that is quiet and peaceful. This could be a spare bedroom or even your living room with a few adjustments.

If you want, you can light some candles or incense and dim the lights to make the space feel more peaceful. You can then use your psychoacoustic soundtrack for your chosen activity and fully engage with relaxing your body and mind.

This can be a perfect opportunity to devote some time away from the grind of your responsibilities and focus on healing and repair. You can also use this relaxing music as a way to unwind at the end of the day. It can then help you drift into a comfortable night's sleep.

Using Psychoacoustics for Your Business

Relaxing psychoacoustic music doesn't have to just be confined to the home. It can also play a part in certain businesses and activities. Places such as yoga studios, massage or spa parlors, and tai chi studios can benefit from the introduction of this music.

The relaxing music can aid customers and participants to get to a deeper state of relaxation, then they would without any music playing. Many people indulge in these kinds of wellness activities as a way of relieving stress and relaxing.

By using a soundtrack that is scientifically proven to aid in relaxation and rest, it means that they can reach beyond their usual state of being relaxed and increase their results.

It could facilitate better yoga or tai chi stances in studios. This can help customers become more advanced with their techniques. Or, it can help them enjoy a more restorative mindset.

In terms of spa or reiki healing businesses, it might allow customers to feel a greater sense of stress relief in tandem with the spa or reiki treatments. The music provides a tranquil environment and setting the customer to get maximum enjoyment from.

Understanding the Science of Psychoacoustics: Where Can I Find Out More?

We hope this article on the science of psychoacoustics has given you more historical and scientific background on why music can be so important for our health.

Everybody has certain songs that can bring back memories or takes you back to a different time in your life. Music has an emotional effect on our bodies, and it can be used to benefit our wellbeing not only mentally but physically.

Trying out psychoacoustic music can help with stress relief, remove fear, and help relax the tightness in muscles. It can also help with positive affirmations and bring a sense of balance and harmony to your life.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of our soundtracks, contact us via the contact page.