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Listening to relaxing sleep music is a popular way to drift off to sleep at night, and there's tons of great stress relief music that's suitable for bedtime. Music for sleep comes in many forms and isn't strictly a genre of its own -- you can find relaxing sleep music in the form of many types of background music.

Listening to calm music helps you slow down your brain to help ease you into sleep. There's even deep sleep music available that's supposed to be attuned to specific frequencies that help your brain achieve soothing relaxation and deep sleep. At RMCO, we thrive on relaxation music that helps center the body and mind for a more peaceful way of living.

Relaxing Sleep Music Albums

RMCO specializes in calm music no matter what type of stress relief music you're in the market for. We know that modern times are faster than ever before, and you need stress relief music to help you slow down and ease your mind. We've compiled countless albums of the best peaceful music for different settings to help you achieve the soothing relaxation you need for stress relief.

Our albums feature a wide variety of calm music for sleep that vary by composer, style, and instrumentation. Many of our tracks use binaural beats and specific brain frequencies to help you achieve deeper sleep meditation. 

Check out our vast array of stress relief music and sleeping music to enter a world of soothing relaxation. Enrich your life by coming to know the meaning of peace and serenity. Treat yourself to peaceful music for the mind and soul.

What Kind of Music is Sleep Music?

Putting on some sleeping music at bedtime is a popular way to help calm the mind so it can drift off at night. However, while your favorite pop/rock playlist might make great driving music, and while it may help you feel calmer, it's not the best choice for sleep music.

Relaxing sleep music is downtempo, serene, and peaceful music that moves slowly and reflectively. It rarely incorporates drum beats, and rhythmic movement is sluggish and deliberate. Some of the best sleep music is piano music with its rich, resonating chords and soft timbre that make for calm music at night. A lot of yoga music and healing music makes for fantastic sleep music, too, and you'll find all of these styles in the RMCO deep sleep music collection.

Music for sleep has been shown to help settle down your thoughts at night to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. Different audio techniques like binaural beats and low-frequency tuning help relaxing sleep music tune into your brain, accelerating the process of falling asleep and starting your sleep cycles.

Different types of music could be considered sleep music, but ultimately, anything relaxing that helps you fall asleep at night may be the right bedtime music for you. Check out our extensive library of calm music for sleep to find your favorites today!

Using Relaxing Sleep Music vs. Your Traditional Playlist

A lot of advocates of sleeping with music will tell you to simply throw on your favorite tunes at night and jump into bed. While this may be relaxing and enjoyable in its own way, it's not necessarily conducive to getting a good night's sleep. Rock, pop, hip hop, and other uptempo styles of music create intricate patterns for your brain to pay attention to, stimulating your mind and keeping you awake longer. Fast beats and dissonant sounds create discord in your mind, and while this is a musical tool that helps create intrigue in each song, it also creates a chaotic acoustic environment for your brain when you're trying to relax.

Relaxing sleep music uses slow tempos, if it uses a beat at all, and isn't focused on rhythm or contrived harmonic progression. It's meant to be soothing and easy for your brain to digest, using consonant harmonies and soft timbres to create soft and gentle soundscapes. Most relaxing sleep music is instrumental without the use of lyrics. This is key, as lyrics tell a story for your mind to focus on, which can be distracting while you're trying to fall asleep. Disruptive lyrics are another important reason to ditch your traditional playlist in favor of relaxing meditation music that's written for relaxation and sleep.

Creating Your Own Relaxing Bedtime Music Lineup

RMCO has curated an expansive library of relaxing selection for you to use at bedtime so you can build your own personal playlist of sleep music. There's a significant benefit to having your own offline sleep music playlist since most streaming services will disrupt continuous playback with disruptive ads that interrupt your delicate sleeping routine. Even if you're shelling out for a premium streaming subscription, radio DJs have a way of butting into your speakers at the most annoying moments. Other times, downtempo and ambient playlists curated by others always have that occasional track that's just a little too speedy to make for good sleeping music.

Instead, we encourage you to pick out a few of your favorite albums from our library and add them to your nighttime playlist. Play your lineup from an offline media player and set it to repeat to keep the sound flowing all night without interruption. You can always add to your collection if your bedtime playlist starts to become stale, and we're adding new selections to our library all the time to keep bringing you the latest and greatest ambient music for sleep.

Listening to relaxing sleeping music before bed helps the body relax and prepare for sleep. Studies prove that listening to 45 minutes of soothing music before sleeping results in better, longer, and more restful sleep.

Relaxing Music For Sleep

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