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All of our relaxing music for pilates is royalty-free, so feel free to browse around and find tracks that help you concentrate during your workout sessions.

Pilates differs from other stretch-based workout methods, in that it's not just about flexibility, but improving your strength as well. The stretching techniques are coupled with tension and resistance techniques which improve muscle strength, tone and also strengthen your tendons. The royalty free pilates music which is found here will suit any type of intensity you are looking for.

Helping focus and drive

For some, focusing on one’s breathing and listening to your body stretching, joints cracking, your releasing is all that you need. However, we’re all different and some people prefer to have a soothing ambiance in the room, supported by low-frequency tones and music which sets the scene.

Pilates instructors will find that our music is great for beginner lessons, allowing novices to set deeper into the mood and stretch for longer without giving up so easily. This is so important because you want beginners to hang in there and enjoy each session, no matter how physically challenging it can get. Our music puts people into the zone. As soon as they walk into your pilates workout room, they will be introduced to a unique atmosphere, honing their drive to succeed and bolster their willingness to accept the ‘no pain, no gain’ mantra with open arms.

An Asian influence

Pilates and traditional healing exercises are inherently linked through philosophy, movement, and origins. Pilates shares it's aim to connect mind and body, with ancient methods that utilize similar movement and breathing techniques. It's also a spiritual pursuit, learning more about what we can and can’t tolerate, how far we can push ourselves, mentally venturing into deeper and deeper waters. That’s why our music is so popular for all three disciplines. The cultures are similar and although not the same, they can be overlapped when it comes to background music.

With traditional Chinese instruments, the music we have will transport the minds of your students back to an ancient time, where soul and spirit were more readily aligned. This would be great to elevate your classes as a pilates instructor and act as a reward for those in your advanced classes who after a while, have learned and appreciate the history of what they’re learning.

Royalty Free Pilates Music

Our royalty free pilates music is great to download onto your smartphone so you can play it through your wireless earphones while working out. If your mind focuses on the tones and beats of the music you’re less likely to pay attention to the pain barrier your body has to go through. Inherently, this means you will always gain the most out of your workouts and push yourself further than you would otherwise be willing to go.

The sweet ambiance of our relaxing music for pilates is brilliant for both students and teachers. It's also great for solo sessions where you just want to focus on your pilates at home.

Relaxing Music For Pilates

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