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There are many ancient ways of healing the body and one of them is Reiki. This energy healing discipline is an alternative to medicine for many people. It dates back hundreds and hundreds of years, originating in Japan. It's a form of ‘inward healing’ whereby the person’s mood, atmosphere, mental machinations, and overall spiritual energy is conformed and calmed. There are other recorded energy healing practices that are similar to Reiki and have probably been influenced by it. Namely, the Daoist monk meditation techniques have derived from this kind of supernatural power. Our relaxing music for Reiki is akin to what the ancients would have been listening to when they had Reiki performed on themselves.

Achieving balance through listening

They say in Reiki, listening to your soul and mind is the key to stopping and controlling your own energy, from it wandering within the body. Our royalty free Reiki music will bring you one step closer to focusing on yourself and creates sounds so beautiful, cultivated by flutes, gongs, traditional Japanese string instruments, wind chimes, and monotone bells whose vibrations enter into your soul every time you listen to them.

When Reiki is being performed another person is placing their hands on your body for long periods of time. They are trying to listen to your body and help you listen to yourself. One way you can merge how you feel to your thoughts is by building a bridge to walk on. This comes in the form of relaxing music for Reiki.

For reiki, you need music which will allow you to release your spirit. Hence why, we have relaxing music for Reiki constituting running water, singing birds, traditional string instruments, and long hanging notes that allow you to enter your subconsciousness.

Royalty Free Reiki Music

Reiki healers often struggle with finding music that is high in acoustic quality and structure. But with our royalty free Reiki music, a reiki healer will have incredible music for their customers, without having to pay a third party for its usage.

With so much choice, you can give each of your customer's different music to suit their personality, making them more comfortable than before.

With our relaxing music for Reiki, individuals and healers will be put at ease and gently focussed on the releasing of energy.

Relaxing Music For Reiki

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