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Finding the right music for your hypnotherapy sessions is important if you want your clients to feel relaxed and keep coming back to you in the future. Some music is labeled as for hypnotherapy sessions, but it’s not always the case. You have to do more than have new age music flowing in the background; you want your clients to be able to sink into a healing trance, and they can’t do this if the music is distracting.

Music is so important in the hypnotherapy sessions you hold with your clients. Achieving deep alpha and theta states is not always easy, so the right music should do the following things:

  • The music you choose has to create a sense of privacy for your clients as they are hypnotized. The sound should be like a blanket of sound that wraps around them and soothes them. It should hold space, security and make them feel safe enough to relax with your words and the music as a guide.
  • It shouldn't be dramatic. Hypnotherapy music has to be gentle, subtle and not draw too much attention to itself. Avoid all music that has any sudden tempo changes and vocals that leap in during play.
  • Hypnotherapy music should be a melody alone, with no lyrics or any vocals. It’s harder to concentrate on healing hypnotherapy if you have someone singing in the room or lyrics to listen to. It should be comforting background noise.
  • Hypnotherapy is an uplifting and freeing experience, so the music you choose should reflect this, too. It has to be positive and uplift your client. 
  • Choose musical pieces that will be even and easily play at low tone. It shouldn't have lengthy silences and pauses, but flow throughout your session.
  • It should sound beautiful. For some people, music is something they can feel everywhere. You want the music to support your voice soothing them and it should make them feel comfortable.
Hypnotherapy generally has a soundtrack playing in the background but it should be lower than your voice. You shouldn't have to shout over it to hypnotize and heal your clients, and listening to the background music can help your client to focus if you’ve paid attention to the points above. 


With royalty free Hypnotherapy music, you can help your clients to find that inner calm they need to truly let go of the issues that they are experiencing. If you look at our extensive collection, you can find something that will fit your clients and your needs. You can elevate your hypnotherapy classes when you choose from our relaxing music for hypnotherapy today. You’ll bring a better, more positive experience to your clients and all it takes is the right musical choices. 


Our website is filled with the best choices that you could make for your hypnotherapy background music. Royalty free hypnotherapy music is important for your sessions to be the best that they can be. Choose from our range today or contact us for more information on the best options for hypnotherapy.


Relaxing Music For Hypnotherapy

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