how to choose the right type of yoga insurance

How to Choose the Right Type of Yoga Insurance: A Guide for Yoga Teachers

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When it comes to being a yoga instructor, the right type of coverage is crucial.

Don’t get us wrong, every professional should have liability insurance, but this is especially true for yoga teachers who work one-on-one with people, instructing them physically, and offering guidance on the importance of practice.

But here’s the thing—not all yoga insurance policies or companies are created equally. In fact, there are so many different companies and insurance offerings out there, choosing the right type of yoga insurance can be an overwhelming challenge.

We’re here to help make this process a little easier. Below, we’ve laid out a go-to guide for dissecting the nitty-gritty details of what you should look for when choosing the right yoga insurance provider. 

What Exactly is Yoga Insurance?

Often referred to as yoga teacher liability insurance, yoga teacher insurance is a type of risk management where the insured yoga teacher can invest in an insurance plan that protects and relieves them of financial responsibility of a potential loss.

Professional liability insurance provides the unique peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re protected in case a student files a claim or an allegation against you. 

The best way to think about yoga insurance is to picture it as a sort of hypothetical safety net laid out underneath your yoga career or yoga business. You hopefully won’t ever need it, but if something should go wrong—no matter how unpredictable or unlikely—this net will do its job.

That means your insurance will protect you, your career, your finances, your reputation, and your future from claims, allegations, and potential litigation.

Ultimately, this insurance is designed to help you protect your passion. 

How to Pick the Perfect Yoga Insurance For You 

Like we mentioned before, there’s no shortage of yoga insurance options out there—in fact, there are so many, choosing can be incredibly difficult. At the end of the day, the insurance partner you pick should understand you, understand your unique and specialized career, and wholly comprehend and protect for the distinct risks you deal with every day as a yoga instructor. 

In other words, the right insurance partner will:

  • Understand your career and offer you career-specific insurance to mitigate the risks associated directly with your line of work
  • Take time to talk to you about your profession
  • Be upfront and transparent about pricing, policy details, benefits, and risks
  • Offer affordable plans that focus on putting you first, not gouging you for money 

Abide by the following guidelines to begin your journey to find the right yoga insurance partner for you.

Compare Prices

Pretending that price doesn’t matter doesn’t get you anywhere. Of course it matters. Yes, insurance is an investment and should be viewed as such, but the price of that investment is important, too. The first thing you should start looking at when considering partners is price—do your top 5 choices fit your budget? 

Look at Coverage Limits 

Figure out the maximum amount of money an insurance company will pay for a covered claim. Do some research to understand these limits and what the industry standard is. You also must factor in the type of coverage you will need: general liability (slip & fall); professional liability (malpractice); identity protection; stolen equipment; damaged equipment. A good comprehensive policy will have all of these types under one policy with add on fees. 

Benefits Matter 

It might sound silly to think about the additional benefits an insurance company can offer you, but this is an important consideration. Yes, your primary concern should be comprehensive coverage at a price that works for you, but many companies will offer you premium benefits that can help you further your career.

With exclusive deals, discounts, and benefits that apply just because you invest in a company, you could experience business-specific savings on products, resources, and other types of insurance, too. 

Reviews Do, Too 

Let’s face it, reviews are a crucial part of any business decision. Any time you’ll be giving your money and trust to a third party, you’ll want to do ample research and see what other people—who have already worked with this company—have to say. Google Reviews and Trustpilot are both great review platforms. 

Take the time to scour reviews, figure out the pros and cons, and see what others have to say about each contender. Try to take everything with a grain of salt but know that if review trends do matter—if there are hundreds of bad reviews about a company, it’s probably wise to steer clear of them. 

beYogi Insurance: How We Compare to the Competition 

All insurance companies can offer you something unique—but at beYogi, we’re focused on being your insurance partner. 

We pride ourselves on offering affordable rates (significantly lower than our competitors who are not designed with yoga teachers in mind), maximum benefits, all while promising comprehensive coverage that follows you wherever you go, covers 450+ modalities, and promises automatic coverage at checkout. 

Pick the Partner That Believes in You—beYogi Has Your Back. 

When it comes to your yoga teacher career, beYogi is wholly invested in seeing—and helping—you thrive. That’s why we’ve created yoga liability insurance that’s specific to you—no one-size-fits-any-career insurance options here.