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  • 528hz meditation music, vol. 2 by RMCO
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528Hz Meditation Music, Vol. 2


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In its musical conception, sound is the door to the invisible world, the percussion is the shaman's call and the message of the spirits, the vibrations are beneficial and healing.

The shaman literally plays the drum on his clients, who are enveloped, touched and crossed by the vibrations of the animal's stretched skin. This skin, more or less worked according to the cultures, which it will be necessary to heat with fire to tighten it, reinforces the living aspect of the object.

The drum sounds different, sometimes even wrong, like an old cardboard, according to the humidity of the place; and when the skin is well stretched and heated, the vibration has a tangible reality which is felt very deeply in the body.

The 528 Hertz solfeggio frequency is also known as the frequency of health and longevity. And this is quite a long 8 minutes of haunting, penetrating, meditational soundscape. Like a swirling wind of synthesized tones seeping through your ears, it is both sonically immersive and spiritually engrossing, evolving slowly with minimal movement to give time to fully absorb the sensory effects given off.

  • 60 Minutes
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