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432hz Meditation Music, Vol. 1


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Our 1st volume of 432hz Meditation Music uses the instruments Tibetan singing bowls, bells, synths, vocals and marimba and calls forth images and emotions that transport, inspire and uplift us.

Ethnic sounds, the singing of Tibetan bowls, as well as most pieces of classical music are based on 432Hz frequencies. Bach, Mozart, Verdi, among others, were said to use it.

432 Hz is a frequency that has always been sought after, whether by the great composers of classical music who have passed into posterity or by the composers of Zen music played in spas and massage salons. Listening to music in 432 Hz puts us in resonance with nature. 

Music, the right music, at the right frequencies, harmonizes our cerebral hemispheres and awakens us to the orchestration of our thoughts in our minds. It allows us to be more in tune with ourselves, to gain self-awareness. Listening to music in 432Hz allows to: develop a feeling of well-being reduce stress and anxiety connect to your intuition develop your creativity.

  • 60 Minutes
  • MP3 Download
  • Royalty Free Music

IMPORTANT: Royalty Free Music License

This music is royalty free, meaning you can use it online, or in any venue, with no licence fees to pay anywhere in the world!

Including online platforms like Zoom, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube without the risk of your video being muted or taken down.

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