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  • Harp Music, Vol. 1 by RMCO
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Harp Music, Vol. 1


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Translated to restraints (Yamas) and observances (Niyamas), these 10 principals stand at the center of the yogic life and lead each practicer to a more full and centered existence.

Beginning with Ahimsa (non-violence) and closing with Ishvara Pranidhana (surrender) the Yamas and Niyamas invite all to examine their compassion for the world as a whole, engaging both the light and dark to help create a better place for all in existence.

  • 60 Minutes
  • 50-120 BPM
  • MP3 Download
  • 1 Hour continuous mix downloads as 1 track for gapless playback
  • Individual tracks will be delivered as MP3 files in a zip file in your order

    1 Ahisma 50 BPM 07:10
    2 Satya 75 BPM 04:47
    3 Asteya 80 BPM 07:42
    4 Brahmacharya 50 BPM 05:17
    5 Aparigraha 80 BPM 05:01
    6 Saucha 100 BPM 03:55
    7 Santosha 100 BPM 06:59
    8 Tapas 120 BPM 05:18
    9 Svadhyaya 50 BPM 06:43
    10 Ishvara Pranidhana 07:12


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