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Is your Yoga liability insurance with beYogi?

beYogi Yoga Insurance

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Do You Need Yoga Insurance?

If you do not have any Yoga liability Insurance or your insurance is up for renewal, check out beYogi insurance for less than $.44/day!

The job of a yoga teacher is to teach students safely. Sometimes, even with extreme amounts of training, accidents can still happen even by no fault of your own. These accidents can be costly if you don’t have any liability insurance protection. Even if your employer offers insurance, chances are the cumulative claims from other staff might deplete the studio's overall coverage limit. It’s an safety measure that could save you thousands.

Coverage Highlights:

  • $3 million Annual Individual Aggregate
  • $2 million General and Professional Liability Coverage
  • $2 million Product Coverage
  • $2 million Personal Advertising Injury Coverage
  • $150,000 Rental Damage Insurance
  • $25,000 Identity Theft Protection
  • $2,000 Stolen Equipment Coverage

What Makes beYogi Unique:

  • Mobile Coverage: Wherever you go within the United States you are fully covered with no policy changes
  • Price: Offering top-quality insurance at the most affordable price
  • Online Coverage: insurance coverage for online teaching (on-demand & live-streaming)
  • Occurrence-Based Coverage: If a claim is filed against you after your policy is no longer effective you’re covered as long as the incident in question occurred while your policy was still in effect
  • Vast Amount Of Yoga Styles: Over 60 yoga styles covered including Acro & SUP Yoga
  • For Dual-Practitioners: Over 450+ wellness professions covered under one policy
  • Flexible Policies: Offering part-time, full-time, and student policy rates
  • Membership Program: Industry-specific member benefits designed to help yoga teachers thrive

Not Just Insurance, It’s An All-Inclusive Membership

  • Free educational content to all the beYogi community (E-books, checklists, webinars, and more)
  • Exclusive offers on yoga products like yoga mats, supplements, anatomy books, and more.
  • Discounts of advanced training & cources
  • Health insurance marketplace designed for independent contractors and part-time instructors with options for health, dental, and vision
  • Business tools: free website, webinars with industry experts, free checklists, discounts on everyday expenses, and more.

Yoga Insurance FAQs

  • Do I still need yoga insurance if my studio offers liability insurance? Numerous studios mandate that their instructors also possess their own personal yoga teacher insurance. Even if you're employed as a yoga instructor at a studio with liability coverage, it doesn't automatically guarantee your protection under that particular policy.
  • Is online teaching covered? beYogi’s policy automatically includes coverage for pre-recorded & live streaming videos.
  • How do I know what type of insurance to get? Insurance offerings can differ significantly depending on the provider. Allocating time for research is crucial to identify the most suitable option for what you need. beYogi is a great option for the majority of yoga teachers because the policy was designed with a teacher’s needs in mind.
  • Do I need general & professional liability insurance? Yoga instructors must have both general liability and professional liability insurance coverage. When seeking policies, be sure to choose one that includes both types General liability insurance covers injuries or property damage from situations like slips in the studio. Professional liability insurance protects against claims from malpractice, such as pose instructions that could lead to injuries.
  • Why would I need insurance in my YTT program? As a student, you're preparing to be a yoga instructor, which includes guiding others through yoga even while in training.  Comprehensive student teaching insurance, like beYogi can safeguard you from claims that may come from other student trainers you’re practicing on etc.